3 Tips How to Increase Self-Confidence Part 1

Self-confidence is one of the main personal qualities, that you’re need, if you want to life your dream live.

Self-confidence will help, if you want to be happy in your live.

But how can you increase your self-confidence?

Here are some tips that might help you to overcome your fears so that you can start to work toward to the affair of your heart.

Let’s start:

1. Don’t leave your live to chance.

You must take the responsibility for your live.

Who assumes responsibility, makes decisions. Who makes decisions, starts acting. Who starts acting, makes a step forward.

Even if the decision was wrong, you will learn something.

That’s the clue of experience.

This tip will help to become more self-confidence and will give you power over your life.

And take it from me: A wrong decision won’t kill you.

Life goes on.

Your self-confidence will develop healthy and positive.

Nobody makes everything right. That’s just impossible.

I will tell you a secret: read biographies of inspire and successful humans. These are the best self-confidence books. You will see how many “wrong decisions” they have made and because of these “mistakes” they turned into what they are today. Here you can get a really great biographies of Steve Jobs.

With every successful failure, you will get stronger.

It just depends on your personal attitude. Would you like to learn from it and carry-on? Or would you give up?


2. Overcome your fears.

If you overcome your fears, you will increase your self-confidence.

But how can you overcome your fears?

That’s really simple. You must think on a situation, where you have big fear, but for any reason you overcome your fears and did it.

After that you was just happy and proud. Your fear was gone.

Did you have such a situation?

I think everybody has such a situation and noticed that if you came over the fears you will lost them immediately.

Most people think, that self-confidence people never have a fear.

That’s wrong. They be afraid.

But the difference between them is their handling with they fear.


They appreciate, that the fear will gone after they overcome it.


3. Start acting

“Just do it”

That’s mostly the important and the most effective tip, which you can use in any area of life.

To sit around and think about, nobody could overcome their self-confidence.

Here is a little self-confidence exercise:

Which thing you wanted to do for a long time?

Let’s write it down and do it today.

And if it’s a bigger thing, then start it today.

So is your self-confidence in action.

Your self-confidence will be thankful, if you work every day on your dreams, goals and wishes.




I hope I could help you to start to increase your self-confidence! Feel free to leave a comment! In my next article I will tell you new tips how to have more self-confidence!

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  1. Nice article on increasing self-confidence, good tips to get started on the right track to be more confident. The more things you try and accomplish the more self-confidence you will have, you must push yourself to try new things to build your confidence in yourself and yes many times anxiety does get in your way.

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