About Me

Moin guys!

I’m Leonie, positive thinking, I live after the Huna live philosophy, power comes from the inner peace, epicurean and the good soul of The Lion Change.

13 Things about me:

1. I’m a Christmas lover! I just hear my Michal Bublè Playlist all over the year, if I need a little Christmas wonder.

2. After school, I went to Thailand as a Backpacker and traveled through the amazing country.

3. I love to go barefoot in summer.

4. Someday I would like to study Osteopathy.

5. One of my best friends is my grandfather.

6. I’m superstitious and my lucky number is 13.

7. I love everything with vanilla.

8. I’m resentful if somebody hurts me.

9. My Mom says that I have an old soul.

10. I’m really compassionate with other humans and always want to help them.

11. I believe in justice but sometimes is it a Bastard.

12. I love to photograph.

13. I’m happy.

But honestly, there was a time in my life where I haven’t got an answer why I was living. I had big problems with a headache.

All this starts at the age of 12 I think. I get a headache and it stopped me from being the person I was before. Positive thinking, thankful for each moment, active in the sport, open for adventures and get to know new humans.

Little by little I stopped playing handball because I got so splitting headache when I played. I often got ill and couldn’t go to school each day. My parents took me to many doctors, but they can’t help. Then I stopped to dance. I often sleep in the afternoon and was unhappy.

But then my mom took me to the child-headache-clinic. There I was about two years. I tried a relaxation exercise, massage, acupuncture and current therapy, but nothing helps. I should get in a day care clinic, but this was five hours away from home and I didn’t want to go. After all this, I was about 16 years old and had a nearly daily headache.

The last opportunity, that I didn’t want either but try it as a chance, was a medication.

This helped me! I took it for a half year. But I didn’t want to take a medication for the rest of my life!

So, I started to go swimming twice a week before school. Yes, your right before my school starts. But I really loved it and so I doing sports again, meet friends, got back my positive thinking, was thankful for my life and especially I was happy!


And know my Mommy, one of my best friends in my life, because she gave me hope in dark times, is diagnosed with breast cancer…

Yes, that is really hard.

In the first two weeks, I was so sad and full of fear.

I cried a lot. Even when I went to the supermarket and hear a song on the radio which speaks out how I feel.

I have fears know, but what is more important: I’m still happy.

I have learned how life can change by one minute.

I have learned how thankful I can be that I still have my Mum.

And I am thankful.

Now I accompany my Mum to every single doctor appointment and we do so many things that make us happy.


Now I want to help you to life a happy life!

I tried so many things and now I know what helped me to get out of my unhappy life. This I want to share with you.

Also, I take this for a chance to make a change in our world. Because if a few people change their life’s, we can make a big change! A lion change.

Furthermore, I show you how you can be happy in your life. Because that’s the key of life.

To be Happy.


If you have questions or something else let me know! I’m happy about every person.



Leonie the Lion