Am I Depressed or Just Sad?

When you are here at this article, then you might have problems. Because why should you click to this post, when you’re happy…

That’s obviously not nice, but you can get over this! There is a way out.

We humans have to get over hard and horrible times, but just why you feel sad and much worse than normal, you don’t have depressions.

So first you must find out, if you are “just” sad and unhappy or if you really have a mental disorder.


What are depressions?

Depressions mustn’t stem from a sad moment or a sad situation. Don’t understand wrong, it can but not ever.

It’s a hard illness. This can bother your whole life.

The main signal is that you lose your interest and happiness.

When you have depressions, you aren’t interest or happy. Not even when you do something you love. You haven’t got fun. You don’t look forward to something.

It’s like you look through some dark glasses and everything lost his beauty and energy.


You felt lost.

Deep inside there is nothing.

Everything is hopeless the past, the present, the future.

Nothing makes sense.

You haven’t got a drive to something.

Every walk is so hard, even a walk to the supermarket.



What are signs of depression? Here is a list of some signs major depression:

Concentration disorder,

loss of appetite,

lack of self-esteem,

sleep disturbances,

many negative thoughts,



feelings of guilt,

suicidal thoughts.


Physical signs of depression:


digestive disorders and



Of course you don’t have to have all these problems and it’s really different from person to person, but if you see yourself and you notice that you are much more listless, you can’t be happy in situations you love last time and you can cry just in some moments, then you really have to talk to someone! You can talk first to a good friend or your mom. Or you can directly talk to special doctors. Or a different person, who know how to help you in this time. There are a lot of crisis telephone. There you can get estimates what could be the next step.

Especially when you are a person who have suicidal thoughts. That’s NOT YOU who want to kill yourself! It’s the depression! So please talk to someone!


That’s the horrible thing about depression, person concerned don’t think they have an illness.

They think it’s their fault.

They think there is no hope. Not in this world and nobody can help.

But that’s not true! It’s your depression who talk like this!
So you have to do something!

First step is that you talk to somebody. Whoever!

Then you have to get help and treat the depression.

When you treat with the depression you will see how your thinking will change.


You can cure depressions!


Depressions can disappear.


And if you have depressions then don’t bother yourself! Depression is an illness, it doesn’t mean that you did something wrong.

There are a lot of people who have depressions! You’re not alone!



I hope I could help you! Feel free to leave a comment.



Leone the Lion



2 Comments on “Am I Depressed or Just Sad?”

  1. Hi there, and thank you SO much for providing this amazing article.

    As someone who now runs a personal success and fitness website, I can definitely relate to depression.

    I used to suffer from depression quite substantially and still do sometimes but now I have better tools to help me battle it!

    What do you think are some of the best ways for someone to deal with their depression other than talking to someone else about it?

    Do you think mindset can influence depression or the way we think about our lives?

    Thanks again for the great article and website. I look forward to reading more 🙂

    1. Hey Michael, thanks a lot for your honest comment!

      I’m so thankful that you like my article and I could helped you a little bit.

      For someone as you who likes sport is exactly this sport a really helpful thing to tapering depression. A person who is active in sport tapering the risk to get a depression in the next 8 years about 50%! And also if you alredy have depression you can do sport to dealing or get over depressions! You will feel more energie in your body and you will be more happier.

      Year I do think mindset can influence depressions! If we think our life is useful and great we wont get depressions, but if we don’t see a reaso why we’re living… then we must find help!

      Thanks again! I hope I can help you with this 😉

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