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Waiting to be heard.

New York Times bestseller!

This book is a true story about Amanda Knox. A twenty years old student who had been studying abroad in Perugia, Italy.

She was only a few weeks there when her roommate and friend Meredith Kercher was brutally murdered. Amanda was so young, naïve, grieving and with only basic knowledge of the Italian language when she was arrested. With the police, she struggled to communicate and was subjected to harsh interrogations.

In 2009, after a trial that made headlines around the world, she was wrongly convicted of murder.

But in October 2011, after Amanda spent four years in an Italian prison, the conviction was overturned.

Now, in Waiting to Be Heard, Amanda Knox shares for the very first time the truth about her terrifying ordeal. Drawing from her journals and letters, she gives an unflinching account of what it was like to be imprisoned in a foreign country for a crime she did not commit, and about the impact, it had on her family and loved ones as they traveled back and forth to be at her side.

With grace and gratitude, Amanda describes the aftermath of the trial and her return home to the States, where she is able once again to look forward to the future.

She returned home to Seattle, Washington.


Here ends her first book. But the story wasn’t over…


Just when Amanda thought her legal nightmare had ended, it began all over again.

In March 2013, Italy’s highest court annulled the acquittal and sent the case to the lower courts for further proceedings. Even though no new evidence was introduced against her, Amanda was found guilty and sentenced to 28½ years in prison in January 2014.  This decision was overturned by the Italian Supreme Court, which exonerated her of the murder charge.

In Waiting to Be Heard, Amanda speaks about what it was like to find herself imprisoned in a foreign country for a crime she did not commit, and how much she relied on the unwavering support of her family and friends, many of whom made extraordinary sacrifices on her behalf. Waiting to Be Heard is an unflinching, heartfelt coming-of-age narrative like no other—now with a new afterword, in which Amanda describes the heart-stopping final twists in her fight for freedom, and her hopes for the future.

This tells Amanda in a new afterword.


Amanda Knox waiting to be heard.

I found this book in a box were many others books where. Until then I never heard about Amanda’s story, but I saw the book and started to read. I can’t stop and after I finished it I did some research.



There is also a book on the view of Amandas boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, who was also in prison because of this. Honor Bound My Journey to Hell and back with Amanda Knox.


On Youtube, you can also get some more information about Amanda Knox.


I hope you find the book interesting! Feel free to leave a comment!




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4 Comments on “Amanda Knox book”

  1. Hi Leonie!

    This is a very interesting story. The fight of this woman towards proving her innocence must be really inspiring.

    This kind of personal books explaining true but shocking events are usually mind-blowing and eye-opening. You never know what happened until you read the facts as they actually happened, and not just as media told you.

    Thanks for the review! I’ll check it out! 😉

    1. Hey Israel!

      Thanks for your great comment!

      Year youreally should check it out. This book opens your mind about how easy your life turn horrible, but the book gives so much hope to fight for your goals.

  2. Very good book I love it even though it actually is a huge skandal. I have heard that there is also a documentary about her. I just can’t find it anywhere. Have you got a tip for me?

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