The importance of local food

Asparagus from greek, oranges from marocco, strawberries from south africa should that happen?

One answer: No!

Hey People! Today I would like to show you the importance of the food origins. To live an happy and aware life starts with easy things. Why do people buy local food? Because this step includes so many advantages!

  • It tastes so good! The food is fresh, because the plants can grow completely. And food should taste so good!
  • It’s eco-friendly! Mostly the way of the transport is short. Food, which comes across the ocean by planes, has a bad life-cycle assessment.
  • You know the origins! So, you can examine the hygiene and the keeping of pets by yourself.
  • You strengthen the regional economy! So, you safe the maintenance of little companies.

Otherwise they must close and large industrial farms that would replace the little companies. And these ones only want a profitable deal. The consequence – cheap products and bad keeping of pets… Everyone should care of pets!

Much more people pay attention on food and their origin. A poll from 2016 of the opinion research institute YouGov says, that two-thirds of the person questioned, favour local products.

This “trend”, which is hopefully not only a trend, use also big companies like Rewe, Edeka or Sky. The base is good, but sometimes a product with the name “Our North” is not from the north or for example the reprocessing is far away.

For “regional” there isn’t a limit. So, the consumer advice centre demand an obligation to label.

But you can examine local products! In my next article, you can learn how to find local food and to recognize the real one..

Food with good quality will give you wonderful feeling. The taste is fantastic, your body will feel much better and especially your soul is powerful.

Now you are a step closer to a happy life.

I hope you like this article and I could show you the local products in a good way.

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Leonie the Lion

4 Comments on “The importance of local food”

  1. You would think local foods would be a lot fresher then something that comes from some other long distance place. I think this also depends on the current environment of the location. My parents would tell me how delicious the fruits and vegetables were in the past. I don’t know about other states but here in California the fruits and vegetables are really shabby looking at many of our local markets. Would you know a particular market here in California that has the best local foods available?

    1. Really? That’s interesting!

      I’m from Germany so no I don’t know a market for local food in California, sorry ;D

      But here where I live are a cuple of farms, who sell theire own market. Also we have two times a week a big market where farms can selling there food.

  2. Hey Leonie the Lion,
    thank you fror sharing your views on the importance of local produce. I agree with you that growing and buying locally should be the idea of the future, as you pointed out – it saves energy, is environmental friendly, and the produce we buy is fresh and almost “home grown”. In a world and time of globalization it is important to understand the value of this. Thanks again and good luck!

    1. Hey Deb! Thanks a lot for your great comment! You point it out “in a world of globalization it is important”

      Good luck back and thanks!

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