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Opening the Door of Your Heart: And other Buddhist tales of happiness


The whole world has fallen in love with this international bestseller – hundreds of thousands of copies have been sold across 25 countries. Now it’s Australia’s turn to rediscover this jewel of a book on mindfulness.


Ajahn Brahm was born in the UK and regards himself as a Buddhist at the age of sixteen. He is now the Abbot of Odhinyana Monastery and the Spiritual Director of the Buddhist Society of Western Australia.

In his book “Opening the Door of Your Heart: And other Buddhist tales of happiness” he describes the Buddhism with so much wisdom and humor!

He wrote 108 short stories about his life and his thoughts. These stories are sorted in 11 priorities. For example, perfection, feelings of guilt, fears, pain, anger and forgiveness … He tells his wisdom and secrets about the key of a happy relationship, about how to achieve something, to think about resolutions and not in problems and much more.

Before I had read the book, I didn’t know much about the Buddhism. But this Buddhism book is just amazing! It’s not dry or boring, it has so many stories with great humor and just with this easy resolution for problems.

Each story is short, easy to read and understand.


For example is this article “Your own photo album – press the delete button” caused by one of Ajahn Brahms short stories of “Opening the Door of Your Heart: And other Buddhist tales of happiness”.


A little extract from the article:


“How you forget bad memories:

This is a little procedure with a big resolution. You have to write so many bad memories on a piece of paper how you keep in your mind. You really must think about it, that’s why we write it on a piece of paper. Subsequently, you need a physical action, to get more power to let go the bad memories. Only the thoughts don’t matter. But if you do a physical action then your mind realizes and you can press the delete button.

So, you write all your bad memories on a piece of paper, but on a really special paper. The special paper is toilet paper. After that, you take the paper to the bathroom und throw it in the toilet. Next, you press the toilet flush!

With this procedure, you can forget bad memories.

So, keep the happy moments in your mind!”


In this book is so much wisdom and humor, just fantastic.


And when you read the book you really want to try these things out.

Yes, I found myself in some of these stories and sometimes I thought: I had the same situation.


But what you will truly receive are resolutions for problems!


Here you can buy the book “Opening the Door of Your Heart: And other Buddhist tales of happiness” by Ajahn Brahm.




Leonie the Lion

5 Comments on “Book of a Monk – Bestseller”

  1. My favorite section of the article was how you forget bad memories. Writing all your bad memories on a piece of paper before flushing it down the toilet seems like a great way to get rid of them all. I’m interested in this book to learn the keys of a happy relationship.

    1. Hey Robert!

      Thanks for your comment!

      Year this thing with the piece of paper befor flushing it down the toilet is one of my favourite story of him. This monk tells the Buddism thinking in such a great way, with so much humor! Just awsome.

  2. Hi Leonie!

    You’re down and suddenly realize that you are your worst enemy. It’s up to us to achieve happiness letting just positive things enter our life and our souls.

    Thanks for the review and recommendation. This book is really worth reading.

    More people should be aware of the bad influece bad memories and thoughts have in our lifes.

    All the best!

    1. Hey Israel!

      You are right, it’s up to us to achieve happiness!

      This book his written with so much useful informations and humor. Just a 5star book!

      Thanks for your comment!

      I wish you all the best

  3. The buddhist monks definitely know what they are talking about when it comes to happiness and wellbeing. If you look at them, most of them have a smile on their face and they live with little to no personal possessions at all. thich Nhat Hanh is my favourite spiritual teacher, have you heard of him before?

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