Free money into your bank account

Imagine you win a competition. Each day the bank will give you 86.400 $ on your bank account.

But this play has some rules:

The First Rule – Everything that you don’t spend, will take away.

You can’t transfer the money from another bank account. The only thing is that you can spend the money. But each morning, when you wake up, there are 86.400 $.

The Second Rule – The bank can the stop the play without warning. At any time, the bank can say: It’s over. The number is up.

Your bank account can be close and you can’t get any more time. What would you do? Would you buy everything that you want?

Not only for yourself, also for every person you like? In any case, you would try to spend all dollar’s best use, or?

You know, this play is the reality! Each human has such a bank. But we don’t see it. This bank is the time. Our time.

Each morning you get given 86.400 seconds of life for the day. In the evening when you fall asleep, you can’t use the rest time of the day for the next day.

The time that we don’t life today is lost. Yesterday is gone.

Each day you get new time on your account. But the bank can close it without warning…


Appreciate your life!

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Lots of Love,


Leonie the Lion

4 Comments on “Free money into your bank account”

  1. Hi Leonie,

    I have never had anyone explain the value of using your time well the way you just did. Indeed I think one of the trickiest thing about making a decision at a particular chapter of your life is the fact that we not yet have the wisdom to know what to do or to even appreciate what we have.

    So, what’s the answer? I think your suggestion to be open both with your mind and heart is a good start. Just interacting with different people and cultures may give you a perspective on what happiness means.

    Also, I really enjoyed reading the “About Me” section. Like you, I had a grandfather who was my best friend. I was born in a small town in South Africa called Warmbaths, and some of my happiest memories are walking in town with granddad and just enjoying a beautiful sunny blue sky day.

    1. Dear Thabo,

      thanks for your nice comment, you are so right! Interacting with different people, to be open heart and just appreciate the perspective cultures give us, are so important.

      It’s so nice to hear that you have also such a wonderful relationship with your grandfather, we can learn so much from them. I just love to sit with him in the sun and talk about the whole world!

  2. Hello Leonie
    I have really enjoyed reading your post, like many clear thinking people out there, I don’t believe there is something for nothing and no one will put money in my bank account without me having to do something for it.
    Like you mention, each morning we get free time to our life, 86,400 totally free and yet we do not even appreciate it imagine if we had to pay for life, pay for the air we breathe, many of us will not be alive today.
    So as you said in your post, we should be grateful for every second we get to be alive and totally free because once it`s gone, it`s gone and we can not take it back
    Like the way you compared it to money in the bank being deposited into your account every day,when the day is over,we can not get back the time gone or lost,it`s gone forever and not coming back so we should use our time wisely.

    1. Hey Roamy! Thanks for your great comment! Thanks for your time.

      You really get it. Its so important that we use our time wisely.

      Thanks again!

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