How can I get more energy?

Always tired and sleepy?

Imagine: Early morning, the alarm clock rings, we stand up and spend the first hours of the day half asleep. Then we get the energy and we are working intensive. Shortly thereafter we get hungry, we take a break and get something to eat, but then – zack – there is the next deep energy fall. And that’s our day. A mixture of high and low energy until we fall to sleep and the alarm clock rings again.

Most people are thinking the problem is the lack of sleep. And of course the regeneration at night is very important to get up with full of energy. But there are some more important problems who kills the energy.

Fact One: Fit with sport but without energy – is that possible?

More energy without sport? Some years ago I was really sporty and fit. But I had much less energy than now. I needed way more sleep and had a big mix of high and and low energy, but today I need two ours less of sleep than some years ago. And because of what?

Of course, Yoga.

Fact Two: More energy with Yoga?

No human life under perfect conditions: The food, mostly industrial production, polluted air, dirty water, stressful situation – all these things charge our energy levels.

In yoga we talk about our energy system, who we want to increase. Our body and spirit become fit from the inside out, so that situations from the outside didn’t bother. If we are happy from the inside, we have automatically energy.

And that’s the reason why happiness and luck are some big points in yoga.

How can I develop my energy system?

There are some different points, who have an effect, how you are feeling and how strong your energy system is. Basically, you can distinguish between internal and external factors.

Fact Three: Food for the body – not for your tongue

One of the main external factors besides sunlight (especially in winter), fresh air, time in the nature … our daily food.

But how to get more energy with food?

One golden rule: Rate your food not because of the taste, but rather how you feel after the meal.

I’m sure you know these situation: After a big meal on Christmas like roast goose most people feel satisfy, because the taste was great, but also they feel heavy and tired. So, our body tells us directly: This food isn’t good for you.

So, try to focus on your body. How it feels when you eat something.

Also when you fast you can get a high energy level. Because when you are doing that, special hormone paid out. And these hormones gives more energy and they are working antidepressive and reduce stress. Already a short period of fast phase can be effective!

But it didn’t depends only on what and when you are eating, also on how you are eating.

“Eat your drink, drink your eating”

You should take time when you are eating, because you should eat so long until its smooth. Also you should hold on when you have something to drink in your mouth so like you would eat it. If we concentrate on our food we eat automatically slowly and focused. Our body has way less work for the digestion and need way less energy. And this energy we can need for other things.

Also if you beware of food then you will start to think, what you are eating, who has produced it, where it grown up and you will appreciate it and be more careful with food. And that’s also important for you life.

Anothere important point is caffeine. Many of us love coffee, green tea or matcha. If we use such drinks our nervous system get a short “boost”. We have abrupt power and energy. Certainly our energy level fluctuate not only on this day, but also for long therm like weeks our months. If we drink each day a cup of coffee, we give our nerve system a fake kick. The nerve system get the order to have a high energy although it stands in a rest cycle. The natural rhythm gets big problems. The result: We need more sleep and slowly our energy level become still lower. A cup of coffee or tea maybe feels good in the moment, but you damage your biological system.

If you want to try of caffeine works on your body then you could do this:

Do three weeks without any caffeine. If the weeks are over you can trink one cup of coffe or tee and wait how you feel.

I don’t want to say you shouldn’t drink any coffee or tea, you can still drink coffee or tea without caffeine. And if you drink ones or twice a month caffeine you wont feel something negative.

Fact Four: More energy – Are we happy?

Besides the external factors there are also some important internal factors.

The main point is: Are you happy with your life?

You should ask yourself: Do you like to stand up in the morning? Do you feel joyful about the next ours of the day? If the feeling is positive and you are happy about the fact that you are living, then you have automatically more energy and you need way lower sleep.

The best example are children: If you want to spend the day in a Theme park, they are fit in the early morning, because they are full of expectations.

Fact Five: More Energy – Yoga practice in your everyday life

Yoga energy boost: A regular yoga practice built something like an inside motor. The idea is to cultivate your energy system. Most people say that if they do yoga regular in their everyday life they are full of energy and way more happier. And if our motor has a high performance, then a bad situation didn’t bother us.


Our life’s aren’t perfect and that’s good like it is. Every human is unigue and the tips addressed different to someone. So try out what is good for you! And if you be aware and carful you will see what is the perfect way for your life! You will see all factors who kills energy and you will learn how to life with our without it.

I hope you like this article! Feel free to leave a comment below!



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2 Comments on “How can I get more energy?”

  1. Thank you, Leoni, for a wonderful and interesting article about how I can get more energy.
    I do believe that a good amount of sleep, eating healthily by choosing the right food, lessening caffeine intake and yoga are good ways of getting energy. I started attending yoga classes but not regularly and I found it really beneficial in boosting energy. I also find spinning classes give me a perk of energy.
    A regular exercise will help boost our energy levels everyday and makes us happy and stress free.

    1. Hey, Dejar. Thanks for your great comment! A regular exercise will help you a lot of course and if you look also at your food you are on the right way.

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