How to Find my Vocation

Do you find your passion?
When we were kids, we exactly known what we want to be when we are older.

First, we wanted to be dredge operator, singer, superman or in y case princess.
In our school time our future plans changing again: President, Pilot, Actress or in my case trapeze artist.
But our plans often still changing: Teacher, Policeman, Football player or in my case Regisseur or Doctor.
And today? Do you do your dream job?
Today we got the problem that everyone would like to tell us that we can’t be what we want to be.
And before you know, we do a job which deals good in the economy and our parents think the job has a future and profitable pay. With each year we remove us from ourself until we haven’t got any ideas, how we want to spend our life’s.

Do you know your vocation?
Here is a little checklist, if you already do what you want.
If you answer the questions with “Yes” then you have your vocation.

1. Would you like to do your job, although you don’t get money?
2. If you can start new, would you do the same job?

If you answer these questions with “No”, here I have some tips for finding your passion.

How to find your passion in life:

If you want to find your vocation or your dream job, then you must deal with your goals and your interests.
You have to find out when you are motivated, where you have strengths and weaknesses.

The best is when you ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. What do I enjoy?
What do I want when I was a kid? What do I do voluntarily? What do I want to do? What would I do, when I have enough money? What would I do, if I know I can’t fail?
2. What means something to me?
What gives my life sense? What would I like to do with my time on earth? Where does my heart lie?
3. Where are my strengthen?
With wich, I can make joy? With what I like to work with? Would I like to work in a team?

You should make a notice to find some overlaps. In this way, you can come closer to your dream job, a field of study or occupational education.

Honestly, it’s not so easy to find your vocation. That’s why here are some more tips and tricks:

My ideal day

Imagine you will meet a fairy and you have 3 free wishes, what would you like to do on a perfect day?

Where are you?
In which country do you live in?
How does it look like? Is it cold or warm outside?
Do you live in a city or in the countryside?
Do you live in a flat our a house?
Who is with you?
Which humans are on your side?
What are you doing?
What are your hobbies?
At which projects do you work?
How does your ideal week look like? Your month? Your Year?
How do you earn your money?

Now you know how your ideal day should look like.
If you want to use this to find your passion you have to answer 2 more questions.

1. In which moment did you feel like this before?
2. What could you do to make something true today?

My lifework

For this exercise, you must loose your reality for a short moment. Here can everything happen!

Researchers of luck have found that if you want to live a happy life you need: Joy and Sense.

So like your dream job. If you find your passion in life then you will feel joy and sense in it. Even if you can use your skills and can’t learn enough. Then you will be motivated and you can be happy about your next day!

Now it’s your turn!
Did you answer all these questions?
Are you able to find a sense?
Do you know clearly your direction?

If not you can wait until my next article about 25 questions to find your dream job!

I hope you like this article and I could help you!
If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave a comment!


Leonie the Lion

4 Comments on “How to Find my Vocation”

  1. Hi Leonie,

    I must say that I really enjoyed reading this. I agree with you on the point that we must all make an effort to find a vocation that we truly enjoy. It’s amazing how drastically our dreams for the future have changed from when we were children to now. You are right about the fact that society pushes us in the direction to do these jobs that pay well but have very little or no happiness with it. Your tips are great and the questions help us to discover more about our lives. Thank you so much for posting this and keep up the great work!


  2. Hey, Leonie. I really like this post 🙂 I think it is really important to reflect on everything you do for a living and find out if you really like it or if you are doing it just for the money. 🙂

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