Jade Yoga

Jade Yoga is the name of a wonderful concept for all Yoga lovers.

The mission of Jade Yoga is making the most environmentally friendly yoga products and to give something back to the earth by doing good things and helping others.

You can buy Yoga mats in different forms: extra thick, light weight, extra wide and yoga mats for kids. Also, they sold blocks, towels and special gears.

Jade mats are made from rubber trees, a renewable resource that contains no PVC, EVA, or other synthetic rubber, so the Jade mats are made sustainably with natural rubber.


The History of Jade Yoga

The story begins over 100 years ago. 1904 the grandfather of their family emigrated to the United States and starts an oriental rug business with the name of Jerrehian Brothers. This business turned into one of the most well-known rug dealers with high quality.

The next generation followed and 1974 they founded Jade Industries and began making natural rubber rug pads. One of the first known yoga mats was a rug pad and that was the birth of Jade Yoga. But at this time the “yoga mat” was made with cheap, imitation plastic or PVC. Also, it was very slippery, so really useless for most practices and likely toxic.

In 2000 Jade Yoga produced the first natural rubber yoga mat that wasn’t slippery.

The feedback for this invention was incredible. The people were so overwhelmed because a yoga mat gripped. As well the Jade Yoga mat has better cushion and resilience so it’s more comfortable for yoga practice.

Jade Yoga mats are made in the US and contain no PVCs – so the mats are “green” and non-toxic yoga mats.


Giving Programs

But Jade Yoga isn’t just about making eco-friendly yoga products. They also want to give back to the earth. They have four different giving programs. Here are two of them:


Buy a Mat, Plant a Tree

Jade Yoga plant a tree for every mat sold. So, if you buy one mat, they will plant one tree. And if you buy 13 mats, they will plant 13 trees.

That was the first step, but today they will build a tree for every product you buy, so no matter what you buy, they will build a tree.

Through this program, they have planted over 1.333.087 trees!


Colour Causes

Jade Yoga donate 5$ from each mat of a specific color to a specific cause.

5$ from the sale of each Teal mat goes to ovarian cancer causes.

5$ from each Pink mat goes to breast cancer charities.

5$ from each Saffron Mat goes to autism causes.


Here are some of the best Yoga mats:

Jade Travel Yoga Mat

Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

Jade Elite Yoga Mat



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  1. I haven’t got too terribly into Yoga, but every time I read about it, it makes me want to get into it more. I like that it not only focuses on physical fitness, but just wellness over all. And to add to that, not just wellness for one’s self, but wellness for the whole world.

    The idea of building more sustainable products should be the focus of every industry. Kudos to Jade Yoga for leading the way.

    Also, I love the photo at the top of your page. I’d do yoga (or just about any activity) there any day of the week.

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