Ruby Cup Menstrual Cup

Let us be honestly:

Do you like when you have your period?
Do you like to go to the toilet each 3 hours?
Do you feel completely safe by night time?
Do you feel comfortable when you are doing sports?

If your answer is NO – then read further!

Did you hear something about a menstrual cup before?

The Ruby Cup is a menstrual cup which is healthier, economically friendly, cheaper and sustainable than any tampons or pads.

I just tried out last week and it was so god.

When I found the Ruby menstrual Cup on the web, I was so impressed by it and then I got the package and try it out.

And I tell you something: It changes my life!

A Ruby Cup is a 100% medical-certificated silicon menstrual cup. Completely free of plastic, toxic substances, latex and bleaching agents.

So, it’s defiantly better for your body than a tampon.

What if I can tell you that you can use a Ruby Cup up to 12 hours?

Of course, it depends on how strong your bleeding, but it is three times stronger than the biggest tampon.

Also, you can use the Ruby Cup up to 10 years! You will never need to buy a tampon or a pad again!

You will save so much money, about 95% and now you can buy much better things like a chocolate or pizza 😊

That’s just so cool, isn’t it?

Did you know that a woman uses about 12.000 tampons or pads in her life?

If you use a Ruby Cup you will help the consumption of rubbish immense.

So, let’s help the world!

It’s definitely a big change for the world, but especially for you!

Change your life for the better!

And if you buy a Ruby Cup you will buy one and give one to a girl who hasn’t the chance to get menstrual products.

So, you will change a woman’s life for the better!

Imagine you live in an area of this world where you can’t get hygienic products and know imagine you have your period…
What can you use for your period, if you haven’t got tampons or pads? What if that is a luxury?

There are millions of girls and even woman’s in developing countries who are in such a situation. In India, Nepal, Zimbabwe, Kenia and so much more.

They use old newspapers, clay, mattress or old socks. That is unsafe, very unhygienically and you can get infections.

Often the girls can’t talk to their parents if they have their period because in Africa you don’t talk about menstruation.

The girls are afraid to be blamed and that’s why they stay at home for their whole period.

That’s mean they have to leave school each month for a week…

But you can change their lives!

The solution: If you buy one the Ruby Cup Organisation will give on Ruby Cup to a girl in East Africa. A Ruby Cup can be used for 10 years, so the whole school time. So, the girl can go to school.

This will give the girls more life quality and they can be independent, self-confident and unafraid on their period.

With the help of some organizations like Femme International, Womena or Golden Girls Foundation the Ruby Cup will give away at the schools.

Before the program: 56% of the girls have stayed at home for 2-4 days
After the program: 5% of the girls stayed at home
Before the program: 54% of the girls have left school completely
After the program: 4% of the girls have left school completely
83% of the girls can be more concentrate during their period because they aren’t afraid of their strong bleeding.

I write this article because I’m soooooooooooo soooooooooo convinced by this product.

The Ruby Cup feel just so good. It’s soft and fit in any position.
When I do Yoga I noticed nothing and I really feel safe with it.

I swear I would not tell you to buy the Ruby Cup if I would not be sure.

We can make a different!
Buy One, Give One.
So, why are you waiting? It’s time to change.

Just try it out!

Here you can get to the Ruby Cup website:


I hope you also like this wonderful product that changes life’s.
Feel free to leave a comment and tell us your experience with the Ruby Cup!

Leonie the Lion


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  1. Hi Leonie!

    My wife has been searching online a lot about this menstrual cup thing. I didn’t exactly know what it was when she told me, but it seems very interesting and moreover for people like the ones in your pictures who have less means.

    This is an amazing project! thank you so much for sharing!

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