Sam Childers the Machine Gun Preacher

Sam Childers.

This man is a high school dropout.
This man was a drug dealer.
This man was a bad human.


This man is a father.
This man is a preacher.
This man is a hero.
This man changed my life. – I met him two years ago.
This man can change your life.

Another Man’s War is a book about the true story of one man’s battle to save children in the Sudan.

Sam Childers is the machine gun preacher. In this book, he tells us his story.
A story about faith and God, but also about grief, suffer and anger.

In his words is so much love for the children in the Sudan and they left goose skin and tears behind.

But let us start in the beginning.
Sam Childers wasn’t the perfect he was born. He was a high school dropout and didn’t learn a job. His life was comprising about Sex and drugs. The machine gun preacher was a dealer and an executioner.  But some days there was a fight with guys in a bar and Sam Childers was nearly killed, he decided that he really has to change something. So, he moved with his family to a new place.
After some time his wife got in touch with the church and God. And someday he comes with his wife to the church and finds the way to God.

Because of his job as a workman and because of his church he came to South Sudan. There he decided that he has to help the children.
In the North of Uganda is the LRA the Lord’s Resistance Army and since 1987 the LRA fights against Uganda.
But the most horrible thing about the LRA is, that they kidnap children and young people to enslave them and to make them to soldiers.


Sam Childers is a preacher, who fight for the children in the South Sudan. For children, who will die or enslave from the LRA.
The government can’t control them and so they really need such humans like Sam Childers. Humans who didn’t think about the danger, but first think about the children.
He saves the children and gives them a new home. Sam Childers and his wife established the children’s village “Angels of Africa” in South Sudan. The children’s village is home to 200 orphans and over 1000 kids have been housed and educated b this project in the last years.

Today there isn’t only the children’s village. The work of “Angels of Africa” expanded into three different countries.
In Uganda, Sudan and Ethiopia.

The save children foundation work a few hours south of Addis in Nazret. There they caring aids orphanage, that doesn’t mean that the children have aids, but they orphaned due to aids from the parents. In this area, they built a school from the foundations and they do a feeding program for about 165 children per day.

A next upcoming project for Ethiopia is that they are building a new orphanage. This will have a bakery and a restaurant, where the older children can learn a trade.

The Machine Gun Preacher and the “Angels of Africa” have been working for the children in Uganda for several years.
They built a home in Kapala where they have children from the South Sudan are being schooled. Also, they support the school in the Kampala area.
They have a feed program for over 770 children per day.
There is also a home for children in Gulu. All of the children are being school in Uganda being educated in Uganda for one of their upcoming projects, like the bakery and they will build a 4 storey building in Kampala and one of these floors will be used for older children who are going to the university. The rest of the building will be used to teach trades and to generate money. A supermarket, a salon, a restaurant and hotel rooms will be rented out.

Sam Childres create such a great program. First to save children, but also to give them a future, education and a possibility to get a job.

The book “Another Man’s War: The True Story of One Man’s Battle to Save Children in the Sudan” and “Living on the Edge” by Sam Childers is not an easy book to read.
You can also watch the movie about Sam Childers life played by Gerard Butler “Machine Gun Preacher”.
The movie is not exactly how his life has been. It’s a bit Hollywood like, but even really good!

I met Sam Childers – the Machine Gun Preacher two year ago in a church in my city where he gives a speech. And I was so happy that I could talk to him. He was just amazing. First, when we talked alone because I was one of the first visitors in this church for the speech, he was a calm but with every word Sam Childers says gives me so much hope.
Then he gives his speech and there he has such a strong and powerful energy.
After his speech, we talked again Sam gives me a hug and he asks what I want to become when I’m older and I said: I want to be a good person.

Sam Childers is the most impressive person I ever met and his book is my absolute favorite one.


Sam Childers website where you can learn more about him and his work in Africa: Machine Gun Preacher

His book “Living on the Edge” 



His bookAnother Man’s War: The True Story of One Man’s Battle to Save Children in the Sudan”

The movie “Machine Gun Preacher”

I hope you like this article! I give you one little advice: Read the book and you will never forget it!

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Leonie the Lion

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  1. I really enjoyed your story on Sam Childers, the Machine Gun Preacher, what a great story and an incredible human being for doing what he does for those kids in the Sudan. From how he turned his life around to how he takes care of all those kids, the man is truly an Angel!

  2. Hey, Leonie I just have seen the movie and the story is really mind blowing to me. but on the other hand, it shows if you really put your hard into something you can accomplish it and you can always turn your life around if you are strong enough. thank you, Leonie Great article.

    1. Hey, Aaron. Thanks for your great comment! Sam Childers is one of the best examples that if you want something and life and you want to fight for you can become this person you want.

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