The Secrets of a Happy Life

What is the secret of life? Let’s ask 100 years old people.

To be 100 years old sounds really amazing, doesn’t it?

Did you know there are also some people with an age higher than 100?

The oldest human living today was born in 1899 and at this moment she’s still alive; in Italy – Emma Morano.

Emma Morano was born on the 29th November of 1899. 15-years before the first World War has begun, the famous composer Giuseppe Verdi was alive, Opel builds their first car, the Emperor Wilhelm the second opened the Dortmund-Ems-canal and the first wireless telegraphy was across the English Channel.

She was the first of eight children and had a lucky childhood. Then she fell in love with a solider of the mountain troops, but he died in the First World War. 1926 Emma Morano married an other man, who was violent and punched Morano. 1937 she became a mother, but her little child Angelo died after a few months. After that, she gathered all her courage and left her husband – No longer she wanted to be ordered around.

That was a rarity. Maybe she was the first women in Italy, who did something like that, because at this time in 1938 a divorce didn’t exist in the law.

Since then she was single and happy!

One day her doctor recommended to eat three raw eggs per day. Morano also eats some mince with vegetable stock, a banana, self-made Grappa for the digestion and if her doctor says yes, a Gianduiotto –  a typical Italian nut-praline.

“I’m happy with the life, that I lived”, she says.

The best time was when she was young. Emma Morano loved to dance a waltz quite often.

Her secret of life: “Live your life as calm and modest as possible, don’t worry.”

Today she is the oldest person in the world.


Izumi Shigechiyo was born in 1865. Today he doesn’t live anymore, but he became 120 years old.

After 105 years, he stopped his job as a sugarcane farmer. He said: “Don’t worry and leave it to the sun and Buddha.”



Jeanne Louise Calment starts to go to a fencing school at the age of 85, she rides a bicycle until 100,

with 121 she recorded a Rap-song and until the end she stays clear in her mind.

Her secret: Olive oil, garlic, vegetable and port wine.



Misao Okawa from Japan became 117 years old and she loved sushi. Her advice is to eat and sleep much. Also, you must learn to relax.


Jeralean Talley was a member of the Baptist Church and she had previously advised people to use common sense, saying: “I don’t have much education, but what little sense I got, I try to use it”. Talley’s Golden Rule: “Treat others the way you want to be treated”.

The last secret comes from Susannah Mushatt Jones. On the picture she was 115, still loving ham and scrambled eggs. Each day she looked forward the breakfast. Susannah Mushatt Jones had a special preference: Lace underwear. “You are never to old, to wear something fancy”.


I hope you enjoyed this article and these lovely lady’s!
One thing I would like to know: Do you have a secret of life?



Leonie the Lion

4 Comments on “The Secrets of a Happy Life”

  1. Great post. I really enjoyed reading it.

    This is really something to see people who can get that old. Just like That Emma Morano. They could have seen many episodes of History unfolding before them. We can learn a lot from them.

    Some of their secrets seemed to be not to worry too much. Eat well and stay active.

    1. Thanks for your great comment!
      You are right, we can learn so much from then.
      I also like to know that there could live their life so good in this age. Most of them still living alone and haven’t got that much problems with their health.

  2. Hey Leonie:

    What a fun look at the elders! Thank you.

    It is a fascinating thing, talking to old people. Often they have less of a trauma-drama orientation to life and tend to remind us that it is a good thing to stop and look around every once in a while rather than always hurrying and scurrying through it all.

    Most of my elder friends are a joy to be with because they did stop to appreciate what they had while they had it. Good lessons for us all, I am thinking.

    1. Thank’s for your comment!

      Yes, the elders are so calm and smart. They enjoy the litte things in the world, because often they can’t travel or do big things anymore. But thats so important, to appreciate the little things and what we already have in our lifes.

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