How to relax your mind

The Way through Mindfulness

You know these days, when stress is all around you.

But I know a way to get out of it. To make your life less stressful, how to relaxe your mind and how to concentrate our mind. These are some tips you can use to get a fulfilled life.

In the Morning:

You should start the day with a few minutes of attention. Just lay in bed, but with open eyes and feel how the breathing get through your body. You can focus on special points, which you fell in this moment or your body in toto. This will increase the one’s own perception.

In the Day:

Walk – During your day, you must to walk. This time you can need for a little Walk-Meditation. When you walk, you didn’t notice how, it’s an automatically process. Now try to focus only on the walk. Not what you are thinking in this moment. Notice at wish time your feet will touch the ground, which muscles you need, how fast you walk and how it feels. Often you didn’t realise, that through this Walk-Meditation you will walk slower, your breathing gets deeper and your movement smoother. For this moment, you will forget about your next appointment or problems, which charges you. The way is your goal.

Breath – The breath is your anchor. In a little space during your day, you should come back to your breath. Let him come and go. Try to find the point where you can feel it clear. Notice your chest, how it comes up and down, feel your stomach, your nose. Try to get out of your mind. This is also a litte meditation for peace of mind.

Eating and drinking – Try to be mindful with your food. Do you have hungry or just appetite? How does it look? How it feels, if it comes in your mouth? Is it hard or soft? How does it taste?

In the End of the Day:

Reflection before you fall asleep. At wish time of the day you were mindful? When you can be more mindful? What did you feel? Are you happy?

Primary try to focus on the good things of your Day. Wonderful happenings, awesome people or situations. Be thankful. For all the little things in the world. Someday, when you look back, you will see, these where the big things.

You can try to write a diary. The headline one each day can be the best thing that happened this day or a lesson of the day.

Peas – My favourite advice is to take some peas’ in your left trouser pocket and if some wonderful happen you switch one peas to your right pocket. This will raise up your thinking about positive things.

I hope these tips will help you and you enjoed the free mindfulness exercise. Feel free to ask questions or opinions!



Leonie the Lion

4 Comments on “How to relax your mind”

  1. Yeah, I find that one of the best ways to keep your mind relaxed is by starting off the day with a nice relaxing meditation. Just try to calm your mind and thoughts and focus on your breathing. This usually helps me to remain more mindful throughout the whole day.

    But I also really like your suggestion for doing a Walk-Meditation. I’m at a desk job during the week, so I try to get up and move around about once an hour. That will be a good time for me to practice this idea! And any time that you’re out at a store or anything you could also practice it as well!

    1. Thanks a lot Nick!

      I’m so happy to hear, that I could give you an new possibility to help you and your mind to relax through a desk job. Maybe you can recieve so more power, motivation and clear thoughts for your work!

  2. Thanks for the great article .
    We all have moments in our life where things are not as we want them to be . In other words we screw up .It is not the end of the world , every human make wrongs , and some times it is not our wrong . The world is harsh and life is not easy for the majority of people .
    Peace of mind is the greatest thing we can learn to keep in this life . Many times I sacrifice some things to keep my peace of mind , whether it is a let go of a friend , an opportunity , or even a job .If It will affect my peace of mind I let go .
    I think all of that can be achieved if we learn to love ourselves . I love me , that’s why I do not tolerate anything than affects my peace of mind .
    An other thing , we should not blame ourselves for mistakes , every body make mistakes and that’s ok .
    Even if you screw-up you still deserve respect .

    1. Thanks Sam for your great comment!

      Thats so true, we have to love ourselve and not to tolerate something. Every one can control his thoughts if you know how and if you try it. You mention also an important thing, if you made mistakes its ok. And we never should blame ourselve!

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