Tips for a happy relationship

What is the secret to a successful marriage? The ultimate secret you can get here.

But to get to know the secret of a happy marriage, you have to find the one, you want to spend the rest of your life with.

A relationship or a marriage is not like the honeymoon, it’s not valentine’s day – it’s the 7.937 diners in your home on a Wednesday evening, but together.

One year has 365 days. Maybe you are about 26 years old when you want to marry, then you will have maybe 54 years to live with your life partner. That’s around 20.000 days.

That’s why I tell you more, how you can be happier on a normal Wednesday.

First: An unbelievable friendship

I love my best friends. I just can spend soo many time with them and it never gets boring. I would entrust them my life and I know there are on my side at any time, no matter how long we didn’t see each other. That’s why there are my best friends.

And they passed the traffic test.

The traffic test is just the point, that when we on a way back home of a meeting I wish we will stay in traffic. Just to spend more time together.

It’s so important for a person to pass the traffic test.

Because why you should spend so many time of your life with someone who doesn’t pass this test?

A friendship who pass the traffic test:

  • The right sense of humor – Nobody would like to spend time with a fake laugh.
  • Fun – and the ability to have fun in unfunny situations, like at train delay, long car drives or in the supermarket. Many studies have shown that a couple with much fun will have a better future.
  • Respect for your thinking – If you respect the thinking of each of you, you would like to talk about your business. Also, to talk about other interesting things, because you are just interested in it.
  • Activities you both like – If you haven’t got something that you both enjoyed you won’t be together on a whole day.


Second: The feeling of home

Feeling home means that you feel safe, secure, impartial and right yourself.

But to feel like home there have to be some criteria:

  • Trust and safety – Secrets are just poison for a relationship. Who would like to live 50 years with a lie or something you must hide? When you have secrets, you have distrust, something that can’t compare with the feeling of home. That’s why an affair is the most counterproductive if you want to have a good relationship.
  • Natural feeling – The contact should feel easy and natural. You have to be on the same wavelength. If you spend time with someone and you feel stressful, that’s shouldn’t be right.
  • You aren’t perfect – That’s human. Every person has flaws and not only one. You must accept it and that your life partner isn’t perfect as well. But you must accept it. Some of them you will have the rest of your life and that’s ok.
  • A good mood – Couples with bad interactions and less positive interactions get separate often. So, you have to find someone with a good mood and you also have it.


Third: The willingness to do something for your relationship or marriage.

Relationships aren’t easy you have to do something for it.

Which personal skills you have to have a happy relationship?

  • Communication – Bad communication means for many couples the fall of their relationship. But it’s hard to communicate consistent and good. That’s why couples sometimes have a special strategy or they go to a couple therapy.
  • Equality – It often happens that on person gets their wishes and their opinion is the right one. You must respect each other.
  • Fight good – if you never fight or an argument you will have big problems when you will have it one day. Or if you never tell what you don’t like then someday it comes all together. But if you can have an argument you can get through it with no bigger problems.


No matter if you want to find your life partner or you are already in a relationship you have to realize: Every relationship isn’t perfect and has flaws. You won’t find a constellation which is the best in all criteria’s. But you can find one who is the best in most of this principal.

But that’s a really big list of criteria’s and why you shouldn’t be intimidating you can get here the ultimate secret to having happy marriage.


That’s honestly the only thing you have to live for!



I hope you don’t get intimidation. Feel free to leave a comment!


Lots of Love,


Leonie the Lion


6 Comments on “Tips for a happy relationship”

  1. Hi Leonie,

    A great and lovely article you wrote. I believe just about everything you said here.

    To me, respect each other is very important. How can we have a long lasting relationship if we don’t respect each other and see eye to eye?

    I am very blessed to have a loving husband who is always so patient with my temper 🙂

    Always be kind!

    1. Dear Sharon,

      Thanks a lot for your comment! You are so right, to respect each other is so important. And I’m happy to hear that you have such a wonderful husband on your side.

      I wish you all the best!

  2. You touched on such an important topic here. Many wise and helpful tips to folk who are in any relationship be that just a few days or many years. Respect and trust are huge. And to be a good listener. Be caring and kind and prepared to work at the relationship. To keep it fresh.
    friends first as you say !

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