What would you do, if you would know you can’t fail?

The thought of you could fail, hinder many humans to live their dreams. The fear to lose, to take the wrong way in life or to decide the wrong decision, justifies not to try. But who will be the looser at the end?

But if you know, that you can’t fail, if you would know that the end is exactly as in your sweetest dreams, you wouldn’t think about, if you should try it or not. You would do it.

Let’s go into yourself and think about what would you do if you know you can’t fail? What would you do?

Would you finally pack your bags here and now? Would you finally talk to a person, how much you feel for him or her? Would you finally start to do the things, what you always wanted? Would you?

Then do it! Know. Live your life.

And don’t bother yourself that you must be perfect. Because nobody is perfect.

The human born defective and that’s good. How horrible would it be, if we are all perfect?

So, make defects. Eventually, these defects are exactly right. Wo knows?

Furthermore, what should we lost, if we try exactly the things we want? What can happen? Of course, we could fail! But doesn’t it be better if we fail in what we absolute want to do than to be unhappy in what we anyway don’t want?

Should we try everything possible to live or life’s as we want? Should we all do these things, before it’s too late?

So, what we have to lose?! Let’s live or lives.

That was a little thought of mine. I hope you like it! Feel free to leave a comment below.



Leonie the Lion


3 Comments on “What would you do, if you would know you can’t fail?”

  1. What would I do, if I know i can’t fail? waho! I will resign my job right now and pursue my online job. I love making money online but it is not easy because it is a lot of work.

    Life is just like this. The fear of unknown kill people, People die before they are dead because they have sentenced himself that they cant make it.

    For me i just started online and with the rate i am going i knew i can NEVER fail with this, and i am putting my 100%.

    If you put your 100% on any thing even if you are no made for that stuff you will eventually make things happen.



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