Why do I feel lost?

Loneliness is not a good; honestly a really fucking bad feeling.

I know this feeling so good and sometimes it comes so strong. But I found a way dealing loneliness!


  “Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted I the most terrible poverty”

– Mother Teresa


Who is alone feels desperate, excluded, unloved and lost. It’s a feeling of absolutely emptiness and desperation. The human things he’s not wanted, excluded by the company and strange.

Loneliness often happens, when something change. Move in a different city, a new job, a new class, because we left our normal and familiar place.

But loneliness comes also in usual environment!

If we don’t do something to overcome it, it can become a chronic disease and we would get ill.

Loneliness is an important alarm signal.

But it’s our choice to do something and change our feelings. We have to find out the reason, what’s missed and how to come over the loneliness!

Many people think that, you can only be lonely, if you are alone. But that’s not right.

I can be alone and really happy with it.

Not every single want to be in a relationship. Some others don’t need a big circle of friends, no much meetings. They like to be with themselves.

To be alone means not, to feel loneliness.

But sometimes when I be in a group of people, I feel lonely.

Loneliness doesn’t depend, if others like you and want to be with you. It depends, what you think about yourself and your fellow humans – It depends on you!


Reasons of Loneliness

People, who are lonely, thinks they aren’t loveable. They have so many bad thoughts about them self. “No matter what happen to me”, “No one understand me”, “Something is wrong with me” …

One reason of loneliness is a low self-esteem. But if you have fear to speak with someone or only answer questions, you will have problems to connect with others. Then it’s easy to think that nobody like you or everyone thinks I’m strange.

Sometimes you have to high expectations on friends. But didn’t you demand too much of your friends? And what’s with us? Are we do enough for our friendships?

“We sometimes think we want to disappear, but all we really want is to be found.”



Here you come to my next article about how to get over loneliness:

How to get over loneliness – the best strategy


I hope you like my article and I could help you.

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4 Comments on “Why do I feel lost?”

  1. Hello

    Living alone is not a bad thing, I been living alone most of my life and I enjoy being able to do what I want when I want and there is on one here I can bother except for my dog and he does not care what I really do as long as he gets his treats and doggy food.

    You can be alone and not be lonely, you must keep busy with activities you enjoy and work on new goals all the time. Some people are needy and need someone in their life and others are happy being alone and their own boss.

    1. Hey Jeffrey! Thanks for your comment 🙂

      You are the best example that living or be alone doesn’t means to feel loneliness! I’m also a person who likes to be alone. I was traveling through Thailand for two months and it was one of my best time in my life. I learned so much about myself!

  2. I agree that living alone is not a bad thing. I was married for 15 years and divorced now for 9 years. I don’t think I could go back to being married again so being single is just fine in my book. As far as not being happy well that’s a monetary thing with me. Thanks for the post it has opened my eyes.

    1. Hey Hi

      thanks for your great comment! I’m glad that I could help you.

      And year, thats the point loneliness don’t mean you have to be alone!

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