You will not have my hate

You will not have my hate.

This book is one of my favourites. It fell into my hand in a coincidence.

Honestly, I read it in one go. I couldn’t put the book down.

Best book of the year 2016 in the Guardian and Observer.

You will not have my hate” is a book about Antoine Leiris, who lost the love of his life on the 13th of November 2015 in Paris.

His wife Hélène became a victim of a terrorist attack. She died with nighty-eight more humans at the concert of Le Bataclan.

While the world was mourning and tried to find an explanation, Antoine Leiris wrote an open letter on facebook. This letter went around the world. He had only one weapon: Words.

Antoine describes his broken life as a widower and father, but life must continue.

Despite terror and violence Antoine Leiris says: You will not have my hate.


“A beacon of hope in a dark world” – Cathy Rentzenbrink, The Pool

This amazing book shows really got, that people must go through tough times. But you should continue –  or you will lose everything.

In this situation, the terrorisst would win. That should not happen.

Antoine Leiris is an impressive person. His thoughts and attitude are just inspiring.

He give us hope how we can be happy in our life.


But read the book by yourself.

I swear you will keep it in your mind.



Leonie the Lion

4 Comments on “You will not have my hate”

  1. Wow, I got chills reading your article. And every time I remember what happened on this day, I get chills all over my Body. I think Antoine is such a brave Young man. So sad he had to go through this.
    I feel excited, the same time somehow sad about this book. I love biography that science fictions, so I’m definately gonna buy this book.
    Thanks for sharing about it

    1. Thanks for your comment.

      You are so right, Azaro! Antoine is such a impressive and inspiring person.

      Do you know the book about the Machine Gun Preacher? I’m gonna write an article about that book soon, but I can envison that you could like it.

  2. Hi Leonie
    Let me say that I like reading books. I really value any recommendations for good books worth reading.
    People’s real life stories are very touchy. Some stories resonate with our lives and then we read the book living with the characters.
    You review of “You will not have my hate” book is excellent. It sparks emotions in me and triggered curiosity how the actual story were unfolding.

    1. Hey Vitaliy thanks a lot for your nice comment!

      I do love books, especially real life stories just as you sad “we read the book living with the characters”!

      Thanks again and all the best to you.

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