Your own photo album – Press the delete button

Many people are having a photo album. They keep memories of their best moments in life in it. Maybe a child picture on a sunny day at the beach, or an image of their wedding, or a snapshot of their vacations.

But you will never find a photo of unhappy moments in life. There aren’t pictures of ill people in a hospital, on their way in traffic, or at their divorce. Such depressing picture will never find a way in a photo album.

But there is another photo album. Our memory.

This album has many negative pictures. There are numerous of snapshots of disputes, times of feeling horrible. But not so many photos of happy moments. That’s crazy!

So, let us delete unhappy moments in our life and throw it in the rubbish. They shouldn’t be there! Replace them with the happy moments in your life, as in your photo album. Try to remember how you forgive your partner, an unexpected moment of kindness and recognize the beauty in life. Keep them in your mind.


How you forget bad memories:


This is a little procedure with a big resolution. You have to write so many bad memories on a piece of paper how you keep in your mind. You really must think about it, that’s why we write it on a piece of paper. Subsequently, you need a physical action, to get more power to let go the bad memories. Only the thoughts don’t matter. But if you do a physical action then your mind realizes and you can press the delete button.

So, you write all your bad memories on a piece of paper, but on a really special paper. The special paper is toilet paper. After that, you take the paper to the bathroom und throw it in the toilet. Next, you press the toilet flush!


With this procedure, you can forget bad memories.

So, keep the happy moments in your mind!

And think about it in a quiet moment. You will catch oneself how you scroll through your photo album and be happy.


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Leonie the Lion

6 Comments on “Your own photo album – Press the delete button”

  1. I rather surprise because you make it very simple, by deleting bad memories and leave only happy memories, only one simple way and we always can choose it ourself. I used to read some ways for example : be grateful, help others, look at the miserable, etc. Your opinion is unique and useful. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I hope I could help you because its just so simple, you just need a physical action and thats what the most people who try to forget didn’t do. Thats the key and just really useful.

  2. Hey Leonie

    Your article is very light, simple and encouraging. I do wish to get rid of my negative memories as you are right – they occupy the biggest part of the memories. Just wondering about the method you suggest – I have seen many times similar actions taken in some movies when people write down the negative things and then burn the paper. And I have always wondered – does it really work? Have you tried this method yourself?

    1. Hey Arta, thanks for your great comment.

      Yes, for me it works. can’t say I never think about it again, but year way less than before and thats I wanted to reach. You can’t absolutly forget it, but thats ok I think.

      I found out that this physical action thing is the main point.

      You can try it out! You have nothing to loose!

  3. Hi Leonie.

    I enjoyed reading your article. I do have a lot of unhappy moments in my life that I have carried for years and every now and then they come and haunt me. I have never known how to get rid of them and I’m looking forward to trying what you have suggested. Thank you for the tips.

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